Easy Steps on Building a Playhouse for the Kids

Published: 04th October 2010
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Playing in a playhouse is a part of a childhood experience. Your kid would not have completed his childhood experience if he or she has not played in one of these playhouses. This is the reason why you as a parent must see to it that your children will have to go through this experience by helping them to build a playhouse.

Building a playhouse outside your home is one way to keep your children away from watching too much television or from keeping themselves busy with video games. This is also an ideal way to have a bonding session with them by getting them to help in the construction of the project; through this they will be able to use the imagination and creativeness and most of all have a good exercise for their bodies.

To start the project you will need the following:

• Four pieces of wood, 12" width x 2" thick x 8 ‘long

• Eight pieces 2" x 4" lumber

• Four 4" x 4" x 6’ Posts

• Concrete

• Plywood

• Shingles

• Hammer

• Shovel

• Power saw

• Hinges

• Latches

• Paint

• Paintbrush

• Level

• Pencil

• Nails

• Tape measure

Select a site for the playhouse; if possible make it visible from your home’s room area where you are in most of the time. In this way you will be able to see your children when they are playing. Dig a six inch deep, 8 feet by 8 feet square area in the site of the playhouse. Make it a flat surface dig; Even it throughout using a level.

Make a frame. Build it with nails or screws, and fit it into the hole. Dig out holes for each corner, one foot deep, and set the posts in each hole and fill up the hole ensuring that the post is flushed on the corner of the frame. Repeat procedure for the other posts.

Mix an approximate amount of concrete and fill the frame with it. This will be the concrete floor of the playhouse. Make it about one foot thick, and should be leveled with the wooden frame on its top. Your floor should be about six inches above ground. Let the concrete set for about a week, and then you can continue with the project.

Meanwhile while waiting for the concrete to set, you can start preparing the plywood for the walls. Cut the plywood into four, measuring 8 feet x 6 feet; use the power saw to cut out the windows and door openings on the plywood. Make use of the cut out pieces for doors and shutters. As soon as the concrete is set and dry, you can now hang the walls of plywood for the playhouse.

Make the rafters using the 2 inch x 4 inch lumber pieces. About eight pieces will be enough for the roof with a little amount for the overhangs. Put some extra pieces of plywood on the slopes of the rafter to complete the roof. Use the shingles or tin to cover the plywood on the roof.

The latches and hinges will be the next job; attach them on the openings and make your doors and windows from the cut outs pieces of the plywood. If you can find small doors and windows, use these instead of creating our own from the cut outs.

Painting the playhouse will be your final job. Allow your children to help in this job, but make sure they use protective clothing before they start painting.

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