Easy Ways to Organize your Refrigerator

Published: 12th August 2010
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The refrigerator can be liken to a safety deposit box where you store your valuables for safe keeping, only, in the refrigerator you store your foodstuffs (since food are very valuable to us for our existence), to keep it from spoiling and for preservation for future need. All items stored in the fridge are perishable, thus the need for proper storage arrangement inside the fridge.

When your refrigerator is well organize, you avoid many kitchen problems including food spoiling, decaying and rotting and, most especially foul smell inside the fridge. Food preparation will be easy for you when your fridge is well organized because of easy access to all the items you need in your food preparation.

Here are some tips to guide you in organizing your refrigerator:

• The first step is to remove everything from every shelf and drawer.

• Get garbage can over to the fridge and throw away anything that is expired or anything that is mysterious and rotten; anything that is good can temporarily go on a counter.

• Correct storage methods and containers should be used.

• Store like items together.

• Keep condiments on door shelves.

• Ensure food storage containers are see-through, square shaped, from the same manufacturer (because they tend to stack better), and labeled.

• Keep taller items behind smaller items, in order to spot them easier.

• Store fruits and vegetables in drawers and keep meats on the lowest shelf.

• Store your most perishable foods on the bottom shelf. It is cooler than the top shelf and will prolong the shelf life.

• Use clean open containers to store like items together including leftovers (use soon), new items (not open), and condiments (stop from flopping around).

• Use soda dispensers, instead of stacking sodas.

• Buy refrigerator helper shelves to create additional storage and to avoid the ability to stack items on top of each other.

• Place jarred and glass items in the door. However, do not store milk or tube foods in the door.

• Keep eggs in their carton. Although the refrigerator may have an egg compartment, eggs will stay fresh longer in their original cartons.

• Avoid storing cheeses or butters in the door.

• Prepare food recipes that use the items already in the fridge and freezer.

• Refer to your refrigerator manual and set the temperature correctly

• Never cram your refrigerator - not only are you straining the appliance, you are also causing the deterioration of the items stored; refrigerators function well only when they are about three quarters full. Buy only what you need so that you stock only what you need.

• Avoid storing items which do not need refrigeration in the refrigerator. Some condiments honey and vegetables, like potatoes, etc, do not need refrigeration and can last well at normal room temperatures.

• Re-organize the refrigerator on a weekly basis. This will allow you to see what you have and to keep items fresh and in their proper places

Organizing a refrigerator means more than just knowing where everything is located. It maximizes space and maximizes the shelf life of the items stored in the refrigerator. Thus, it is important to keep a refrigerator in an organized state.

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