Humidifier or Dehumidifier-Is it Really Necessary at Home

Published: 09th August 2010
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Keeping the air in the home healthy is an ideal that every homeowner desires. Your good health depends on inhaling clean air. But how can you tell if the air in your home is healthy or not? If you are experiencing some unpleasantness in your home which is quite ambiguous to explain, chances are, the atmosphere inside your home is the culprit. It might be that the air is too humid or too moist. This can make the environment dry and hot. The air becomes too dry and steals moisture from your body. During fall and winter this can be a bigger problem when the temperature outside drops and when colds are dispersed so easily. The heating units can be poor remedies to the problem. A humidifier is a good option in this case. The machine simply boils water then releases the comforting steam quietly into your room. Your body and its systems appreciate a healthy level of moisture in the air. You can breathe and sleep better with better air.

It is essential for the air you breathe in to have a bit of moisture in it. Moisture in the air can be in different levels. A very moist or humid air is heavy and sticky. This is often the case in areas that have hot summers and are near water. Too humid air can also lead to colds as well as contribute to mold and insects in your home. On the other hand, when you are running the heat continuously or you have a very cold and dry winter, the air becomes very dry. These extremes can cause health conditions. For example, if you live in a very dry area, you can experience pain in your chest, a sore throat and have a dry mouth most of the day.


Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air, improving the comfort and health of your home. Dehumidifier can help when the air quality is too moist. With a dehumidifier you can safely dry out the air in your room, home, car or office. The air that is expelled is not heated or dried too much. It is safe and comfortable. For most people, less humidity, help them sleep more comfortably. It's very useful in bedrooms and rooms where moisture tends to gather.

Air conditioners automatically act as dehumidifiers. In as much as air conditioners operate in the same basic way as dehumidifiers, window units are often used as dehumidifiers by sending their exhaust back into the room instead of outside. This produces the same result as using a dehumidifier with a room atmosphere that is much less humid but slightly warmer.

When you buy any of these devices, it is essential to base your choice on the size of your home. You should also check your budget. Some devices are more expensive but efficient than the others. Consider the maintenance requirements as well. Some have more complex maintenance needs.

Before buying a humidifier or dehumidifier, it is important that you check first the humidity level of your home. Once you have determined the humidity level of your home, get the right device that is suitable for your home and right for your budget.

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