Learning How to Handle Bad Neighbors

Published: 23rd September 2010
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In a perfect world there are no bad neighborhood only blissful places; there are neither bad neighbor, only good ones. But since we are still in an imperfect world, this is just a wishful thinking. Your neighbor can be a boon or a bane to you and your family. If it happened that you are the hapless homeowner with a bane neighbor, you might want to read more about this article. Here are some suggestions on how to deal with your bad neighbor:

Before you relocate or move in to a new place, make some investigations regarding your new neighborhood, whether you are buying or just renting. Make inquiries from the realtor or the homeowner’s association regarding their rules and regulations. These things are one deterrent to bad neighbor.

Before you bring out your complaint against your neighbor, consider the situation first, it might be that you are over reacting on the matter. Get a second opinion from the other neighbor. Are they of the same opinion as you that the subject neighbor is causing a problem? Did the subject neighbor really placed the trash in your yard or the wind did it? Or, is your subject neighbor really loud with his music or it just happened that the walls are too thin?

Make a record of the problems caused by your neighbor. List all the details of your complaints. This can help you later when confrontations happen. It will look more organized on your part, and when legal matters comes to fore, you will have good evidences to present to the authorities.

Do not close the communication lines between you and your neighbor; this can help resolve your problems with your neighbor. Remember it is always better to talk things up rather than fight. Who knows you might win your neighbor over and reconciliation will ensue. There is a great possibility that your neighbor will recognize the problem and apologize to you. After all, nobody wants to be a bad neighbor in a community of civilized people. The worst thing that can happen is that your neighbor will ignore your communication or perhaps resentment and anger will ensue on the part of your neighbor. In this case you may take your strategy to a next level which is a little unfriendly.

Your next move will be to put everything in writing. Write your neighbor a formal letter citing all the details of your complaints. You can make references on the homeowner’s association rules and guidelines. Avoid using legal terms and threats in your letter. If you want to go legal, consult an attorney.

If your problem continues, a formal complaint may be in order. If it is something not to serious, you may write a letter to your landlord or the president of the homeowner’s association. For a more serious situation, you may have to consider seeking an attorney’s advice. Just remember, there is no such thing as a permanent bad neighbor but there are many ways how to deal with a bad neighbor which can eventually turn him or her into a good neighbor.

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