Tenant Screening: Tips on How to Choose Good Tenants

Published: 11th November 2009
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Are you having problems with your tenants? Do you begin to lose patience on their disobedience? Well, the best way to eliminate these problems is to conduct a tenant screening before accepting them. There are several kinds of renters. But you would surely pick those that are good ones. Though this is a challenging job to do, but it will help boost your business later on.

If renting is your main source of income, then these stubborn occupants will be dangerous to the operation of your business. Usually if your building is rented by major companies, then you are guaranteed to have prompt monthly payments for the rent. But what if it is a regular occupant who happens to be defiant and very disobedient when it comes to house rules? This will surely be a headache for you. Hence, if you are begging to look for the best occupant, pick someone who is under a huge company. This is because you can also be assured that he will be prompt in paying the rent. Of course being employed in a reputable company means you have a stable and high-paying job.

But money is not always the problem when you are looking for the right tenant. They must show their concern in taking good care of the property. It would totally be frustrating if you have someone who keeps on drilling your newly-painted wall just because he wants to put some decorations. Or it would be so upsetting if you know that one of their kids is writing on the wall using their crayons. It would be best if you accept a family with older kids. In this way, they are responsible enough in taking care of the house because they know that they are only renting it.

Of course, you would not immediately know a renter by what his credentials. It is wise to dig deeper in terms of knowing him. You can do a background check. Contact his previous landlord and ask questions such as has he been a good tenant? Is he responsible enough in paying his monthly dues? What is his line of work? Does he have a stable job? These are factors that will help you evaluate the capability of your renter.

As soon as you have found the right renter, discuss all your rules and regulations regarding his tenancy. Explain to him clearly about what you like and don't like to happen when he is occupying your house. When it comes to payment of rent, specify the late charges that you will be imposing once he misses to meet his due date. You can also tell him the sanctions for every violation that he commits. In this way, he can fully understand your course of action once he crosses the border line. Doing all of these will help you maintain a harmonious relationship with your tenants.

Dealing with your renters is the same as taking care of your kids. It is a big responsibility that requires a lot patience and understanding. Hence, you have to do it religiously. To make everything easier for you, look for a good tenant!

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